Our business activities include domestic and international transport as well as freight forwarding. There are sets of trucks with trailers up to 24 tons which comply with the latest standards. The trailers have tarpaulins of the "curtain" type, which makes it easy to load goods. Every driver has modern means of communication, which allows us to control the location of the vehicle and the transported load. For smaller orders, we offer vehicles with a load capacity of 3,5 tons. The security of the goods transported by us is guaranteed by the certificates and licenses gained by us and the OCP and OCS insurance for the total amount of Euro 250.000,00. It is in the offer for companies that we also have full-scale outsourcing of logistics: setting deadlines, reception, storage, customs clearance and timely delivery of theconsignments.

Contact data

A.M.P. Wieczorek Sp. z o.o.
Choszczówka Dębska 8C
05-311 Dębe Wielkie

Transport Department
Piotr Wieczorek
tel: +48 606 495 588

Forwarding Department
Mariusz Wieczorek
tel: +48 602 668 502

tel: +48 25 75 25 511